Developed using the Image Processing Toolbox of Matlab, the Zebtrack software was first created to track fish - especially the Zebrash -, although it can be used to track any other animal.
    It is capable of tracking one or more animals (being a task o the user to specify how many animals are going to be tracked), producing data such as position in a arena and mobility speed that can be manipulated, afterwards, in Matlab environment, or exported to Excel format.
    It does not work in real time, which means that a recorded video must be used as input to the software, yet Zebtrack also allows:

  • The definition of polygonal areas such as a processing area (movements outside this selected area are ignored);

  • Excluding areas (movements inside this area are ignored);


  • Addition of areas of interest (at the end of the experiment user will receive data regarding each one of these areas, such as: number of times each animal entered the area, time spent inside the area, etc... );

  • Evaluation of the distance from a defined line or area of the arena, as well as time spent in different areas, latency to reach or time at a defined place, total distance traveled, animal speed (avarage and maximum) and so on.