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Zebrafish na Fesbe Regional (Natal, 2016)

1st Zebrafish Meeting

In September 2015 we received some icons of the zebrafish behavior research at UFRN. This new event, named “Zebrafish Meeting” counted on the renowned researcher Dr. Robert Gerlai, who taught a mini course on Behavior Genetics. The event counted also on the presence of Dr Tran from Canada, Prof Luchiari and her grad and undergrad students from UFRN, and several professors from other institutions in Brazil: Prof Erika Kague (USP), Prof Bruno Rezende (UFMG), Dr Bruno César Ramos  (USP), Prof Ian Amaral (UFPE) and Erika Kelmer (UFMG). The meeting aimed at establishing international collaboration and discuss the future of zebrafish research. 

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