Ana Carolina Luchiari

I earned my B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of São Paulo State in 2001, and my M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the same institution in 2003 and 2007, respectively, with a thesis on the behavior and physiology of fish. After that I held some academic positions in Brazil (Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte –UERN, Federal University of Paraíba –UFPB) before joining Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in 2010 where I am assitent professor at the Department of Physiology and Vice-Coordinator of the Post Graduation Course in Psychobiology.

My research has been focusing on the biological and neural mechanisms of behaviour. For the past 9 years my research at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte has been concerned with the development of novel behavioural testing tools for the zebrafish, and behavioural psychopharmacological approaches with zebrafish to study such questions as the mechanisms of alcohol and other drugs abuse, and of learning and memory. I have been supervising undergrad and graduate students, All of them are encouraged to published their work from the laboratory in peer reviewed scientific journals and presented their results in national and international conferences; many students have already done that and we could create a strong group for the zebrafish behavioural neuroscience research.

Fabiano Menezes - Postdoctoral fellow

I am a biologist, I have a M.Sc and Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology by the PUCRS graduate program. I developed my work in the department of Neurochemistry and Psychopharmacology at PUCRS as well as being part of my Ph.D. at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. My work has been focused on seizure model in zebrafish and evaluation of the adenosinergic and glutamatergic systems in this context. In addition I have conducted behavioral analysis studies on zebrafish and use of molecular tools such as morpholinos and CRISPR.

Marcelo Nogueira - PhD

I am a Computer Engineer and MSc in Electric Engineering from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN - (2003 and 2005) and PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (2013). Currently assistant professor at UFRN at the department Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia. My research focus on robotics and computer vision.

Jaquelinne Pinheiro -PhD Candidate

I have a degree in Natural Sciences from the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and master in Psychobiology at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). I've developed studies in animal behaviour, including aggressiveness and social hierarchy in fish. During my master I developed a project regarding sleep deprivation and cognition using zebrafish (Danio rerio) as the experimental model. Currently I study the alcohol effects on learning and memory and its potential to cause transgenerational modifiations.

Mayara Silveira - PhD Candidate

Hello! I am a biologist and MSc in Psychobiology (UFRN). Since 2008 I’ve been developing studies related to ecological and behavioral aspects of reef fish species. Currently I am working with damselfish (Stegastes fuscus) focusing on behaviour related to territoriality, aggressiveness and learning, in order to develop my PhD thesis. Together with this project, I also work in other projects regarding physical exercise and enrichment in zebrafish.

Ricardo Amorim - PhD Candidate

Hi there! I am primarily a biologist, and since 2015 also a master in Psychobiology. My project regards anxiety-like behavior in zebrafish and how different doses of alcohol affect it. Actually, I have much work to do... so many ideas are trying to get out of my head!

Caroline Peripolli - PhD Candidate

Hello, I am a biologist and have got my Master degree in Animal biodiversity at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), during which I was focused on morphological and behavioral effects of the ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB) in Boana pulchella tadpoles. I am very interested in animal behavior, and I  am a PhD candidate in Psychobiology Programme at Prof Luchiari’s Lab - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). My current project is about the effects of chronic and acute alcohol and caffeine exposure on zebrafish’s individual differences.

Ana Luisa Moreira - PhD Candidate

Hello people! I am a biologist in search of a PhD degree! I have already worked with several fish species but now I am focused in understanding what damselfish speak...yes, that´s it!! I evaluate what sounds they produce and in which context...the best part of all this is that I spend lots of time snorkeling at wonderful places!

Thalles Pinto - Master Student

Hi humans! I'm degree in physical education and undergraduate student in Biology, both in UFRN. Since 2014 I've been developing studies on ecology of reef fish. Currently coursing a master program in Psichobiology at UFRN. In my project I work with Damselfish(Stegastes fuscus) focusing on TPL(Time-Place-Learning) and aggressiveness. In summary, I try to evaluate how / if the antropic disturbance can alter the behavior of the Damselfish.

Heloysa Araújo - master candidate

Hello! I finished Biology Course at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and I am currently a master student in Psychobiology. As a member of Luchiari Lab, I've developed studies with sleep deprivation using zebrafish (Danio rerio) and the effect of pyriproxyfen (a common pesticide) in zebrafish larva. My master dissertation regards individual differences in response to alcohol focusing on their behavioral and brain biochemical alterations.

Maria Elisa Ferreira - master candidate 

I concluded the Biology course at UFRN in 2017 and started my master course in Psychobiology in 2018.  My interest is animal behavior. I have already participated in a research with marine mammal bioacoustics but since I got in contact with zebrafish I have fallen in love! I supported studies on emotional contagion in zebrafish and I'm now involved in a research about the relationship between individual differences and alcoholism in zebrafish larvae.

Thais Agues - master candidate

Hi, guys. I concluded the biological sciences course in 2018 and I'm about to start my master degree in Psychobiology. At Luchiari Lab, I already assisted researches related to individual differences in siamese fighting fish and physical exercice in zebrafish. In my dissertation, I will test the responsiveness of three zebrafish strains to alcohol in a voluntary intake protocol. I love to study how animals relate to the environment, and learn more about them is what I want to do!

Vanessa Augusta - master candidate

Hello people, I am an undergraduate student in Biology (UFRN), and also am working as a monitor at the Human and Compared Anatomy Museum (MCM) and taking my scientific training at the Luchiari lab. There, I study time place learning and ansiety-like behavior upon alcohol withdrawal in zebrafish. 

Miguel Sales - undergrad student

Hi, my name is Miguel and I'm an undergraduate student of Biology at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. I have previously worked with the effects of different types of physical exercise on zebrafish. At the moment I'm working with unpredictable chronic stress and it's treatment efficacy with benzodiazepines and lithium.

Matheus Neves - undergrad student

Hi guys!!! I am an undergrad student in biological sciences at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and I am interested in the study of animal behavior. I have been part of Luchiari Lab since August 2017. I am currently part of research using ZebraFish (Danio rerio), specifically with the effect of alcohol and caffeine on individual differences and the effect of alcohol exposure on associative learning.

Jessica Polyana - undergrad student

Hi guys, I am a 3rd year undergraduate student in the Biological Science Program. I have already developed studies regarding the regional bird’s fauna and was monitor at the University Morphological Science Museum. Currently I study the effects of caffeine and alcohol in the learning and memory performance of zebrafish at Luchiari lab.

Jessica Caroline - undergrad student

Hello everybody!  I am an undergraduate student in Biology (UFRN) and work at the Fish Lab with zebrafish and killifish! I have developed a research on zebrafsih stress contagion and I also have done the first actogram of Kryptolebias hermaphroditus, a killifish species endemic of the Brazilian coast. 

Jessica Ferreira - undergrad student

I'm an undergraduate student in Biology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and also a fish lover! I have been taking care of the zebrafish, killifish and damselfish at the Fish Lab for a while, but my main focus of research is how music affect damselfish learning behavior. 

Diego Medeiros  - undergrad student

Are you guys all alright? I am Diêgo, a biologist in training at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. I'm fascinated by animal behavior. In particular, sociobiology. I have already worked with the effects of alcohol in response of the social grouping of zebrafish. Currently, I work with the effects of the interaction between alcohol and environmental enrichment on learning and anxiety-like behavior.

Sara Damasceno - undergrad student

Hi, I'm an undergraduate student in Biology at UFRN. At the Fish Lab I've previously researched the stress contagion on zebrafish and helped the development of the first actogram of Kriptolebias hermaphroditus, an mangrove killifish. Now I'm working with zebrafish larvae to measure the level of oxidative stress induced by alcohol as well as assisting other reaserchers that are using a similar measurement.

JP Mamede - undergrad student

What's up everyone, I'm a undergraduate student in Biology at UFRN! I used to work with protein biochemistry before joining the Fish Lab, but now I'm developing research on the validation of a housing system for zebrafish, in which I compare different temperatures, luminosity and noisy on zebrafish behavior.